Sunday, October 19, 2008

Power Outage

The irony: Chargers game delayed due to power failure. (details)

I'm surprised that three helium balloons could cut off power for an entire football stadium, particularly one that seats about a quarter of Buffalo's population (attendance was 71,000).
Perhaps the balloon was released by terrorists? (I hear they're getting younger and younger)

New Bites

I've had more politics than bites on this blog so far (and no bytes at all), so here's a quick remedy.

First off, if you live in an area with Indian grocery stores (or any other ethnic grocery store really), find them and buy your spices there. You can buy about a pound of cumin for the same price as one of those "spice islands" bottles. $2-3 for a bag of cumin is reasonable.

Second, in lieu of a recipe, I'm going to offer a few tips on making stir fries, since this is a common way to make a really quick meal.
There are a few secret ingredients you can use to spice up a stir fry that is too bland. They are things that most people have around but don't immediately think of using.
First off, there's always brown sugar. Sugar is a natural complement to soy sauce, and works particularly well in dishes that are onion or pepper-heavy.
Second, any sort of sauce is a potential source of flavor. Hot sauce and Hoisin sauce work well in just about any dish. A dash of vinegar will add sourness and dryness.
Beer can work really well in some cases. The beer-soy sauce-sugar trifecta will work in most cases. Beer works best with veggies that absorb flavor: tofu, zucchini, onions, and mushrooms come to mind. The darker the beer the better, I find, but other flavors may add something to your dish.
Lastly, if you haven't already added cumin, what are you waiting for!

Enjoy, and I promise a real recipe next time.